Monday, October 5, 2009

Dragomir's Dacha

Here we go. These images are from 2006 I guess. We were invited to one of our friend's - Dragomir - summer cottage - which is called "Dacha" in Russian. Somehow 90% of the shots are lost - probably they are in my old hard disk, so these are the survivors.

I can't call back their name, I saw all these people more than 2 years ago.
Her husband Kolya. a plastic surgeon. He told me he came to Moscow from Samara and he likes there more than the capital city. I'm not surprised...

Dragomir's parents. They came to Moscow from Belgrade for the first time. Although Slavic languages are similar- they don't understand any Russian. They showed great kindness to me when they learned I am a Turkish. Lovely people.

House was just bought so garden, garage, fences were not ready. They hired some guys to finish the things. Like the other similar jobs in Moscow this was also fulfilled by Turkic people.


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